Company Profile

Working Webs was formed in early 1997 with the aim of providing affordable but effective Web sites to Western Australian businesses.

What can we do for you?

In the first instance we listen to you. We try and get an understanding of your business and how you see it being presented on the Internet.

As every business is different, we don't try to shoe-horn you into an inappropriate style of site. We can create anything from a single page presence, which basically says "Here I am; this is what I do; this is how you contact me", to a multi-page, multi-layer site, with sophisticated navigation and interactive user interfaces.

But it doesn't end there

We can provide both domain name registration and hosting. It is generally agreed that having your business name as a World Wide Web domain enhances your public image. You could be

Or here

Once the site is in place on the Web you will have invested a considerable amount of time and money, and so we will not only host your site but work with you to develop a maintenance plan to facilitate updates and improvements.

In fact it never ends.....

We believe that our relationship with you should be a long term partnership.

So please contact us to find out more.



The Need For Speed

A simple fact of Web life is that 95% of your audience are probably accessing your site at no more than four kilobytes per second. Anyone can build a graphically laden Web site, that takes tens of seconds, or even a few minutes to fully download, but experience indicates that most users will have moved on to more entertaining sites that give them something to look at within a few seconds.

If your site fails to grab the viewer's attention in the first few seconds, then you have lost them.

Meeting the Need for Speed

At Working Webs we keep the structure of each page as simple as possible and optimise the mark-up to reduce the file size of the document.

Presentation is handled using style sheets which guarantee consistency of style across your site and reduce the overhead associated with embedding stylistic parameters within the page mark-up. Graphics are used sparingly and only where appropriate, and textual alternatives are always provided.

Thus the viewer will see everything necessary to understand the page in a few seconds, and is therefore much more likely to wait for the graphics to download to complete the viewing experience.


Web Site Accessibility


Working Webs has made the commitment to make the sites it designs compliant, wherever possible, with the Advisory Notes published by the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

Page Presentation

As the purpose of the Web sites we produce is to advertise and promote businesses on the Web, they have a high level of graphical content and stylistic layout designed to promote our clients' businesses.

Notwithstanding this, Working Webs reviews each page, within the existing schedule of site updates, and wherever possible attempts to make the page accessible by following the recommendations contained in these Unified Web Site Accessibility Guidelines.


Our sites contain a lot of graphics, which we believe is reasonable considering they are intended to promote our clients' businesses. We have made extensive use of alternate text to keep the pages accessible to text only browsers, or those users which suppress image loading in their browser setttings.

Colour & Text Size

Where a user may find the pages difficult to read due to our choice of background and text colours, we recommend that they set their own colours in the browser's settings. We generally use relative font sizes, so that users can set the font size as large as they wish. However this will affect layout as the pages are designed with font sizes of 10 or 12 points in mind on a 800x600 monitor.

Frames & JavaScript

Our sites make extensive use of both frames and JavaScript. We believe that the use of these extensions to the HTML 3.2 / HTML 4.0 standard is reasonable. Frames facilitate navigation within the sites, and combined with JavaScript, add functionality to the pages, and make the difference between our sites and others. JavaScript is generally not used to provide spurious decoration or jazzy effects. Mainly it is used to provide rapid screen updating from small client-side databases.


This is an ongoing effort to ensure that the sites we design not only meet our clients' expectations but remain accessible to all viewers.

We would welcome suggestions regarding the accessibility of our sites.


Contact Us

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